Themes of Life & Death

Themes of Life & Death

Over the years, I have often been asked how is it you see clients for infertility and you see older adults?  While it may seem like these specialty areas are unrelated, in my mind they are not.   On one end of the spectrum are clients of mine yearning to have a baby but are having difficulties conceiving or needing assistance.  For a heterosexual client trying to conceive this means every month the woman ovulates there is this little bit of hope surging within her body and heart.  THIS is the month we’re going to get pregnant!

For those needing reproductive assistance because of medical reasons or because you and your partner do not have the necessary “parts” to have a baby then it means going to a doctor for help.  Each time a client attempts an insemination or IVF cycle there’s a little bit of hope shining through.  THIS is the month we’re going to get pregnant!  Sadly when your period starts, this month’s dream has died.  Same for when you discover your embryos have made it to “day 5” only to discover they arrested over night.

In one swoop you’re dealing with issues of life and death.  While this may seem like an overly dramatic statement, for those of you who are experiencing infertility, it isn’t.

On the other end of the spectrum are clients of mine who are trying to cope with issues related to aging.  For some older adults this means contemplating how can I continue to live a purposeful life while also experiencing more physical pain or annoying ailments?  For some it’s learning to adjust to a new living environment or a death of a spouse or close friend.  For others it’s a desire to review their live with me before their time comes to a close.

In one swoop you’re dealing with issues of life and death.

During COVID19 I have also found a common thread among my two specialty areas.  Two populations that have a lot on the line.  For those trying to conceive your long awaited dream has been placed on hold by fertility clinics trying to do the right thing.   For those who are currently pregnant, staying at home feels the safest for you and your baby because of fear and uncertainty.  For the elderly it means sheltering at home a lot longer than the general population.  Life and death issues, hand in hand.

If you’re facing one of these themes of life and death, I am here for you.  Together we’ll not only explore all of your thoughts and feelings but also figure out what you need right here and right now.  You have a partner who is not afraid to swim alongside you during these deep waters of life.  I’ll keep my snorkel mask on as long as you need for me to.  I will also marvel at you when you swim to the top again!

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