Themes of Life & Death

Over the years, I have often been asked how is it you see clients for infertility and you see older adults?  While it may seem like these specialty areas are unrelated, in my mind they are not.   On one end of the spectrum are clients of mine yearning to have a baby but are having difficulties conceiving or needing assistance. ...[ read more ]

A Letter to Baby from Intended Parents

This is not what we expected at all.  When we first got together, we started dreaming about you and our family.  We knew when we were ready, we were going to grow our little family by welcoming YOU into the world.  Together, we envisioned how much joy you would bring to us, our families and friends.  We couldn’t wait. As...[ read more ]

Coping with Fertility Challenges

I’m here to say, you’re not going crazy.  You are not being a drama queen.  You are not overreacting.  Going through infertility is physically and emotionally challenging.  Well documented research has shown going through infertility FEELS like a life crisis.  The emotions can be as deep as someone going through cancer treatments or a divorce or grieving the loss of...[ read more ]

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